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Extra Content - Alpha Mine Thanksgiving

Claire entered the pack dining hall, melancholy dripping from her soul as reality crashed down on her that she and Owen would be spending their first Thanksgiving separated from each other. Her shoulders slumped a little as she looked around, the clinking of plates and silverware and excited chatter stilling as the pack took in their Luna. Claire raised her head, trying to put on a brave front for her pack. Violet regarded her with sad eyes as she waved Claire to the head table. Owen’s parents nodded at her as the rest of the pack averted their eyes and tried to pretend they weren’t watching her every move. This wasn’t the Thanksgiving any of them were expecting. Claire nodded at the pack and took her seat.

A plate filled with turkey and all of the other traditional trimmings was placed in front of her. The smells wafted to her nose, but rather than enticing her to eat, she felt her stomach churn. She picked at her food, scanning the room, her eyes landing on her father sitting at one of the tables near the door. He waved at her discreetly and returned to his food. Claire picked at her plate, cutting her food and moving it around, but not really taking any bites. Her heart felt heavier each time she witnessed another couple in their little intimate moments. Claire stood abruptly, pushing back from her chair. “Enjoy the rest of your evening, everyone. I’m going to retire to my room. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Claire strode to the door, reaching forward to open the door when it swung open of its own accord, revealing Owen, battered, bruised, but very much alive. Whoops and hollers could be heard from around the room as Owen took Claire into his arms, kissing her soundly and presenting her with a bouquet of lilacs and roses. “I’m sorry I’m late, Luna Mine. I got a little held up. Forgive me?”

Claire’s eyes welled with tears as she fisted his shirt in her hands. She quietly sobbed into his chest. Owen kissed her hair and pulled her in close to his chest. Owen winced and Claire pulled back, taking in his appearance. Claire pulled Owen back from the room, tugging his hand lightly, leading him to their room. “Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?”

“I’ll be fine, Luna Mine. I’m just glad to be home for a little while.”

“How long?”

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