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Book Review: His Pretty Little Burden by Nicci Harris


They say bad things come in threes, after her mother’s suicide, the apparent murder of the man she thinks she loves and being thrown out by her foster mother; Fawn has found herself pregnant, the man she loves dead, and homeless. What on earth is she going to do? Clay is the newest mafia don in Australia, ruling alongside his wife Aurora. When Faw comes looking for her father, they see an opportunity, but will it turn into more than that?

Wow… just wow! This book takes everything I thought I knew about mafia romance and turns it on its head. Open marriages with no jealousy, realistic and raw depictions of the consequences of sexual assault and abuse. This book spins a beautiful love story that just goes to prove that even the hardest of hearts can learn to love.

I can’t wait to read the next installment; it’s sure to be just as amazing as this one!


Book Trigger Warnings for Sexual Assault, Abuse, Foster Care, Miscarriage, Attempted Suicide

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited

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