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Book Review: When Morning Comes by A. M. Wilson

When a one-night stand with her best friend Nathan results in an unplanned pregnancy, Kiersten is forced to face her growing feelings. Her insecurities and stubbornness lead her to make decisions that might end her friendship and extinguish any chance of a relationship with Nathan forever. Will she make the right choice?

Nathan lost his wife two years ago, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find that kind of love again, or if he even wants to, struggling with his grief, he can help but feel stuck, between the woman he loved, and the woman he’s quickly finding he can’t resist, can he find it in his heart to admit how he feels?

This read was amazing! I binge-read the whole thing in one night! Spicy scenes, a plot that had me swooning, and a love story for the ages.

These characters pop right off the page. I want to hug them, then throttle them, then wrap them in a blanket so no one can hurt them. I can’t wait to binge another one of her books!

Available on Kindle and Others

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