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Book Review: Wild & Bright | Skyler Mason

Lauren's mother, Helen, is a harpy of a woman, more than willing to do whatever it takes to control her adult daughter's life. When they have an argument that leads to Helen threatening to throw her out and keep her daughter from her, Lauren goes to her best friend Hunter looking for a job. What she doesn't know is how that fight might lead to the wildest ride of her life.

Filled with spicy scenes, rockstars, and beautiful moments, Wild and Bright is everything I could have wanted out of a rock and roll romance. Camden is a control freak, but only because he cares. All of our favorite tropes included: hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, paid-girlfriend, and more. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!

I even ran and signed up for the author's newsletter because I just HAD to have the second epilogue to this fantastic read. I couldn't put it down! (And here's hoping to more of Lauren and Camden in the future because I need my fix!)

Wild & Bright is available on Amazon Unlimited *

*Items purchased through this affiliate link provide me with a modest commission, but your price remains the same!

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