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Book Review: Bride to the Fiend Prince

Rebecca F. Kenney is a master storyteller.

When Amarylla’s father goes back on his word and surrenders his strong willed daughter to become the broodmare of the fiend prince, she‘s swept away to the kingdom of Terelaus. After a rocky start and a dagger to the throat Amarylla and her husband come to a tenuous truce in hope of surviving the fiend prince‘s tyrant father and his need for power no matter the cost.

Another book and another book boyfriend! Fast-paced, fantastic story telling, world-building to make even the staunchest fantasy reader swoon with all of my favorite tropes, enough angst to make you hurt and romance to make your heart melt with the tenderness makes this the perfect read for anyone who enjoys a good enemies to lovers tale. I’ve absolutely found another author to binge read and another one for my shelf! *purchasing through this link gives me a small commission but does not change your price.

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