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Book Review: Jack Frost | Rebecca Kenney

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

When researcher, Emery, finds herself separated from her team, and facing imminent death, she comes across a man frozen in ice ala Captain America. Saved by Jack Frost himself, Emery can’t decide if she should trust the feelings inside her or if she should run as fast as she can.

With an angry fire goddess hellbent on destroying Jack (and by extension Emery!) Emery must find a way past her struggles to help save the world.

Rebecca Kenney continues to write stories that transport me to a new and exciting world (with more book boyfriends!) Every book I pick up by this author continues to surprise me. Plot twists, sweet moments, convincing and page turning storylines. This book and all the others that I’ve read by this author keep me riveted from page one to the end.

I can’t wait for the next read!

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